Save. Save. Save.

CarLink Subscribers could SAVE Hundreds of Dollars Per Year with our Car Insurance Discount Programs.

All CarLink Subscribers can join our Car Insurance Discount Program and apply for Car Insurance Discounts from dozens of Insurance Carriers. All from your online CarLInk account.

Insurance Discount Specifications
  • By joining our Car Insurance Discount Program, approx. 50 miles of your Car Connection Subscription driving data will be shared with the Insurance Carrier you select. You can select one or as many as you would like.
  • The Insurance Carrier you select will review the Driving Data and provide you with a quote for an annual policy.
  • Compare it to your current Car Insurance policy and if you Save money then accept the new Car Insurance policy with our approved CarLink Insurance Carrier and start to save.
  • You must be a CarLink Subscriber to enter the Insurance Discount Program. If you are not, please become a CarLink Subscriber first.
Insurance Discount Specifications

Car Insurance Discount Program