Car Link USA : Fleet Service Program

Fleet Service is another Service option to consider if you have a business with many vehicles to manage. Fleet Service can provide you with better control over your Fleet plus improve your operating costs and safety programs. Our Fleet Service option provides a unique set of services tailored for this purpose with the ability to add 1, 2, or thousands of vehicle devices to one account and see all of the vehicles and their status. The Fleet Service uses the same OBD hardware device as CarLink and the hardware device can be purchased at many retail locations.

Your Fleet vehicles must have an OBD Device port located under the steering wheel to be compatible with the hardware device and the Fleet service. Fleet Service subscription offers a different set of features than the CarLink Service Subscription.

Fleet Service

Specific Fleet Features

  • Location Tracking- shows the location of the vehicle 24/7
  • Bread Crumb Mapping- shows the vehicle's past driving route on map
  • Safety Zones(Geo-fencing)- receive alerts if a vehicle entered or exited a custom geographical zone(s) you set up
  • Vehicle Search- find a specific vehicle quickly to make routing decisions.
  • Vehicle status- activity report on location travelling or parked status.
  • Driving hours Report- monitor how long each driver has been on the road to stay complaint and improve safety.
  • Driver scoring Report- receive a report on each driver based on braking, acceleration, fuel use and speed.
  • Fuel consumption- receive fuel consumption reports by driver to develop cost saving programs.
  • Vehicle Health Report- daily maintenance reports plus recall information to protect your fleet of vehicles.
  • Key Event Report- schedule automatic reports to manage better trip summaries, vehicle health, driver scoring.
  • IFTA Tax Report- automatic fuel tax and type report to track all inter-state fuel and tax expenses.
  • The Fleet Service Option monthly subscription is $19.99 per month and requires no contract or activation fee.

After you purchased the hardware device, simply go to the login page and enter your hardware device IMEI number, select the Fleet Service and activate the account. To add other devices after you start the Fleet Service account, go to your account and add the new device.

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